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Business Processes
Explore strategies to automate business processes to save time, reduce staffing needs and lower costs
BYZEO is a content and knowledge site to help the small to medium sized business connect to technology strategies to reduce cost. BYZEO has found interesting articles, videos and infographics on a variety of topics that showcase how technology, outsourcing strategies and automation are saving businesses thousands of dollars and helping them compete.
Cloud Services
Moving your applications to the cloud can reduce IT costs, increase security and reduce the need for staff. Explore how cloud services can make your business more cost efficient.
IoT Solutions
The Internet of Things (IoT) lets you install sensors on valuable assets such as your trucking fleet, expensive equipment or even your field team. Data from those sensors inform your company where your assets are located and if they need maintenance. IoT applications dramatically reduce cost.
Managed IT Services
Outsourcing some or all of your IT and network creates opportunities to reduce staff, save on equipment, reduce outages and keep the company online 24 X 7. Learn more about how outsourcing IT services reduces cost.
Marketing teams are now looking at projects they do in-house and asking the question, “Could I do this better, cheaper and faster by outsourcing?”. Most businesses would be shocked and very pleasantly surprised by how much they can get done and how little it costs if they outsource. This catalog gives teams strategies on how to reduce marketing costs through automation and outsourcing.
45% of companies report overcharges, incorrect rates, and mistakes on their mobility invoice. Learn more about how to reduce these errors and save money on your mobility invoice.
Network & Telecom
Many companies are overpaying for their network and telecommunications charges. Current vendors are generating invoices with incorrect rates and mistakes increasing costs. The telecommunications market changes rapidly adding new vendors constantly who offer competitive products, new technologies and better rates. Learn more about how to reduce network and telecommunications costs.
Most of us already outsource many of our business functions to someone else when we use an accountant, have a lawyer draw up contracts, or employ someone to clean our office. Businesses are now looking at other activities they do in-house and asking the question, “Could I do this better, cheaper and faster by outsourcing?” Outsourcing is not just about cost savings, it has become a tool to become more competitive, accelerate business growth and ...
Smart Buildings
The average commercial building wastes up to one-third of the energy it uses. Add that up and in the United States alone, this means that $60B of $200 billion in energy costs are wasted each year. You can turn almost any building into a smart building and significantly reduce the amount of energy it uses by adding systems that automatically monitor and adjust energy usage throughout the day. Those systems can monitor each area of a building and adjust ...
Transportation & Logistics
Technology can empower a company to track their fleet, know when their assets need maintenance and improve how the warehouse and shipping operation are managed.